Winding Pros. KATAOKA MACHINE 日本語

Corporate information 6.Inspection of product quality / Trial report

6-1 Inspection of product quality

Check out of finished roll

Checking hardness

Measuring high edge

Inspecting slit surface

6-2 Trial report

Carte of trial (for KE70, KE80)

You may have picked food sample in a supermarket, or ridden a new car before you purchase it.
We think it is a matter of course, having a trial run with our test machine.


  1. Material / Kinds of materials
  2. Suitable winding for each material / Thousands of conditions for materials
  3. Examples of material / Examples in actual use
  4. Machines are made by in-house team work / Back up of long term maintenance service
  5. Reason why lots of repeat orders / Good listener of users' voices
  6. Inspection of product quality / Trial report
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