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Corporate information 3.Examples of material / Examples in actual use

3-1 Examples of material

Example of plastic sheet product for food packaging

Large OD coil of aluminum fin for heat transducer

3-2 Examples in actual use

Example 1.
Plastic film for food packaging
Usually, 3-8m wide and 20micron meter web is firstly wound at web production line.
It is slit into about 1m wide roll for printing machine.
Then, slit the printed roll again as print pattern or process size.

Example 2.
Aluminum fin for heat transducer
About 1.5m wide Aluminum is rolled into 0.05mm thickness.
Then it is slit and rewound into about 500mm wide coils.
Again, the coil is slit and rewound into 16 to 32mm wide fins.
And then the fin is finally formed.


  1. Material / Kinds of materials
  2. Suitable winding for each material / Thousands of conditions for materials
  3. Examples of material / Examples in actual use
  4. Machines are made by in-house team work / Back up of long term maintenance service
  5. Reason why lots of repeat orders / Good listener of users' voices
  6. Inspection of product quality / Trial report
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